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A common experience for nurses and health care workers is a patient asking if there is a phone charger available for them to recharge their mobile phone or device. Sometimes there may be a spare charger left on the ward or another patient kindly shares their charger, but often there is no charger or compatible charger available.

Most of us know the feeling of having a phone going flat and having no charger available but for patients who are scared, vulnerable and isolated this feeling is more than a concern, it causes real anxiety and fear. This issue has been highlighted with the events surrounding the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Many patients are even more isolated now due visitor restrictions and state and international border closures.

Our mobile devices are amazing tools that can help us stay connected with the world. Voice calls, video calls, messages and emails are a lifeline for patients who spend days, weeks and even months in hospitals and care facilities. They can allow people to continue managing a business, pay bills or find somewhere to live. And we can't forget entertainment. Being able to laugh with a favourite show, concentrate on a game, or catch up on news can alleviate the boredom and reduce stress during a difficult time.


We hope that we can get a phone charger to every ward and care facility that needs one so that the simple act of providing one can keep patients connected. 

Our Mission

What we supply

To each ward or facility that makes a request we will send a box containing two wall plug chargers and two 3 in 1 charging cables.

The charging cables will fit phones and devices that use Lightning, USB C and micro USB connections.

We also supply documents and pamphlets to assist you in implementing use on your ward.


How to order

Head to our contact page and leave your details. Please leave your name, email address and ward or facility address to send the chargers to. Please note that chargers will only be sent to a ward or facility and not to a private address or PO Box.

How to order

How to implement

We do suggest that you speak to your manager before making the chargers available for use.

The chargers meet Australian electrical safety standards and are purchased from an Australian supplier but please check with your maintenance department if they require electrical testing and tagging. 

The charging plugs and cables can be stored in the box that they were delivered in and placed in an area accessible to staff only.

We have supplied a number of documents that you can use to display storage location of chargers, how to use and maintain chargers and to keep track of who is currently using a charger. You can make copies of these documents or download more from here.


Our Team

Annie and Andrew are Registered nurses who see a need to provide a service for patients and their fellow healthcare workers. They are both looking forward to the challenge of running this charity and caring for patients.

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